Breast reconstruction with latissimus dorsi flap over an implant followed by nipple construction and areolar complex tattoo.

Breast asymmetry

Minor breast asymmetry is common and normal.

Breast asymmetry may be very severe and unable to be hidden when wearing tightly fitted clothing or swimming costumes. It can be a source of significant embarrassment.

There are many possible causes of asymmetry and a through assessment is needed to determine if this occurs at the level of the chest wall or spine, the overlying muscles or the breast gland itself.

The full range of breast reconstructive options are available to deal with asymmetries as needed. This can include the use of implants, a breast lift, a breast reduction, fat grafting, microvascular flaps and more rarely correction of rib defects. When using breast implants, varying projections are often required to account for underlying differences in rib cage projection.

Perfect symmetry in all planes is difficult to achieve however very significant improvement can be expected.