– Augmentation –

Also referred to as breast enlargement, this is a fairly common procedure for women who have lost breast volume after losing weight or breast feeding. Some women who have always had small breasts also choose to have a breast augmentation.

– Reduction –

The size and weight of overly large breasts can cause significant discomfort and pain for some women. It is not uncommon for women to also attempt to hide the size of their large breasts beneath layers of clothing to avoid unwanted attention.

– Lift –

A breast lift (or mastopexy) is commonly requested by women who are unhappy with drooping breasts or the way their nipples and areola point downwards. This can commonly be due to changes to breast shape occurring after breast feeding.

– Male breasts –

Sometimes male breast gland tissue can have a more feminine shape causing social embarrassment. While shape changes are normal during puberty, overgrowth can also occur at this time, or due to weight changes or as the result of some medications or drugs.

– Reconstruction –

Breast reconstruction after a mastectomy is a very personal decision and influenced by a number of factors including possible consideration of ongoing treatment for breast cancer. See your questions answered here.

– Asymmetry –

Breast asymmetry can be very severe and impossible to hide under tightly fitted clothing. For some women this causes significant embarrassment. Minor breast asymmetry though, is quite common and normal.

– Tuberous breasts –

Many women have not heard of this condition and believe they require breast enlargement or correction of breast asymmetry. Tuberous breasts are fairly common and there are options regarding surgical treatments.

– Inverted nipples –

Inverted nipples are fairly common, as is one inverted nipple on one side, or the two sides having different degrees of inversion. Some women are very embarrassed by their inverted nipples, which can be easily corrected.

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