Finger plastic surgery media article

– Axed fingers saved –

Dominion Post, July 3 1999

Surgeons save little boy’s axed finger.
Two year old Dannevirke boy Ryan Walker is tough – he can raise a smile only days after his big brother severed one of his fingers in a gruesome accident. Ryan still has all…

Microscopic ear surgery media article

– Ear replantation –

New Zealand Herald, May 22 2001

Ear-bite victim safe – and sound.
A woman whose ear was bitten off by a dog has had the torn flap reattached in a delicate four-hour operation using microscopic surgery. It is understood to be only the third time…

Hand reattachment plastic surgery media article

– Hand reattached –

Dominion Post, June 11 2005

Saw victim full of praise for rescuers and for surgeons who reattached his hand.
When John Bramley cut his left hand off in a saw accident he left it where it fell and walked upstairs to tell his mate…

Spring assisted skull surgey media article

– Medical first –

Dominion Post, September 28 2005

Medical first for Alex.
A Lower Hutt toddler has become the first person in the southern hemisphere to have radical surgery that has left her with springs in her skull in an effort to reshape it. Alex Cantwell, 2, developed…

Eye socket surgery media article

– Biker scalped –

Dominion Post, November 7 2005

Bikie scalped to stop double vision.
A road accident left Jamie Chapman with a piece of shattered bone pressing down on one eye socket, causing double vision. The only way surgeons could get to the fracture was by a procedure involving peeling back his face…

Nasal dermoid surgery media article

– Young twin saved –

Dominion Post, December 19 2005

Complex surgery saves young twin.
A minuscule hole between a toddler’s eyes was a direct line for bugs to her brain. But a complicated surgical procedure has given her a much safer passage through childhood. Nayyereh and her sister are 16-month-old…

Facial nerve skull surgery media article

– Facial nerve injury –

Dominion Post, February 14 2006

Butcher’s hook causes paralysis.
A young freezing worker whose skull was pierced by a butcher’s hook in a horrific accident is battling paralysis on one side of her face. The hook, used to hang animal carcasses, went into the 19-year-old’s head behind her right ear…

Finger surgery skin graft media article

– Fingers in torso –

Dominion Post, March 20 2006

Doctors sew fingers onto torso.
Darryl Mitchell feels squeamish when he looks down at his chest. The bony stubs of three fingers have been sewn just under the skin, attaching his injured hand to his torso. The Palmerston North man’s right hand was caught…

Opitz syndrome cosmetic surgery media article

– Words bite deep –

Dominion Post, July 3 2006

Rare surgery gives boy fresh chance.
Eight-year-old Jack has a genetic condition called Optiz syndrome, characterised by widely spaced eyes and a broad nose…

Skull operation craniosynostosis media article

– Pressure off Olivia –

Dominion Post, September 6 2006

Pressure’s off Olivia.
Wellington surgeons have taken apart the skull of an eight-year-old girl and carefully meshed it back together to relieve pressure on her brain…

Nose reconstruction surgery media article

– Remodelled nose –

Dominion Post, November 23 2006

Doctors give boy new nose.
Alex Summers is sporting a Harry Potter-style scar under his fringe and a new nose after enduring four complex operations. The Christchurch…

Infected tattoo media article

– Infected tattoo –

Dominion Post, December 2 2006

Eaten alive by infected tattoo.
Doctors watched in horror as a flesh-eating disease ravaged the body of a man who was hours from death after being infected during Samoan tattoo sessions…

Deformational plagiocephaly flat head media article

– Sophie’s choice –

Dominion Post, April 21 2007

Sophie’s choice after surgeons set to work.
Right now, four-year-old Sophie Lucas isn’t particularly fussed about her head shape. But a “bulbous lump” on one side and a flat patch on the other meant…

Fingers reattached leeches media article

– Fisherman’s finger –

Dominion Post, July 12 2007

‘Touch and go’ for fisherman’s finger.
A Fisherman’s amputated fingers have been swapped around and more than a dozen leeches used in a bid to save his hand function. The Nelson man, 24, lost all four fingers on his right hand when…

Ear reconstruction surgery media article

– Sculptor surgeon –

Dominion Post, November 26 2007

When a surgeon becomes a sculptor.
The 10-year-old Kapiti Coast girl was born with one functioning ear and only remnants of the other. Now she has a new ear, constructed from cartilage from her ribs. At first glance…

Face cancer rhabdomyosarcoma media article

– Treat deserved –

North Canterbury News, July 1 2008

Help send Brittany to Rainbow’s End.
Seven months ago, it looked as if Brittany Kremers had beaten her battle with cancer. It started as a lump on her face in June 2006. That lump turned out to be a rare and aggressive form of cancer…