– Eyelids –

Hooded eyelids can be readily improved with blepharoplasty surgery. In many cases this procedure can be performed under local anaesthetic as a day procedure.

– Neck lift –

Loss of jaw line definition due to saggy skin or a double chin can be remedied with a neck lift. The neck lift procedure may also be performed as part of a lower face lift.

– Face lift –

There is no universal “face lift” as each person has a unique pattern of facial aging. You will receive a precise anatomic diagnosis and individually appropriate surgery.

– Nose (Rhinoplasty) –

Rhinoplasty is a procedure chosen for cosmetic or reconstructive reasons. If necessary, breathing can also be improved at the same time with surgery to the inner structures.

– Chin augmentation –

Chin formation can be enhanced and improvements made to facial proportions, with a chin augmentation. Cleft chin correction is also available and in most cases can be undertaken under local anaesthetic.

– Brow lift –

A brow lift decreases the bagginess of the upper eyelid, creating a more youthful appearance. There are many ways to perform a brow lift and the procedure can be combined with upper eyelid or facelift surgery.

– Ear correction –

Surgery for overly prominent ears is a common request from mid-childhood to adulthood. Dr Davis also performs total ear reconstruction for children born with small or absent ear, or following accidents and cancer treatment.

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