– Complex face reconstruction –

Charles Davis is experienced in the careful planning required in this area, to balance improved appearance with facial muscle function.

– Cleft lip revision –

Cleft lips are usually repaired in the first three months of life. With growth, the lip may show signs of significant asymmetry or irregularity.

– Ear reconstruction –

Dr Davis has performed ear reconstructions in Sweden, Sydney, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Malaysia and also New Zealand.

– Eyelid ptosis –

When the upper eyelid hangs down, obstructing the vision, this is referred to as ptosis. Commonly age-related or due to accidents or congenital conditions.

– Nose reconstruction –

Dr Davis can perform reconstructive surgery on the nose or parts of the nose following trauma, burns, cancer or some birth defects.

– Eye socket (Orbit) –

Eye socket surgery is an integral aspect of craniofacial surgery. See some of the specific procedures related to eye socket surgery.

– Skull reconstruction –

Plastic surgery can improve the physical appearance of skull malformation and problem symptoms related to sunken brain syndrome.

– Facial fractures –

Charles Davis has performed over 1000 operations for facial fractures. Some facial fractures will require additional treatment post initial injury.