These before and after surgery images show examples of women who have had a breast lift (mastopexy) without having an implant. For examples of mastopexy with breast implants, please see the breast implant mastopexy gallery page

 I commonly get asked the placement and visibility of the lift scar. I have deliberately shown a number of examples that are early on in the healing process.

 These examples show people in whom the nipple has been repositioned. The nipple and areolar complex is not removed. The skin around it is removed and then the breast skin closed so that it now sits in a higher position, usually with the areola diameter narrowed.

 I have chosen examples that are fairly early in the healing process. In times the scars fade to become a fine white line in most skin types however this process occurs gradually over about 12 months.


4 weeks after bilateral mastopexy (breast lift) without implants.


4 weeks after mastopexy for grade II ptosis (droop). Micropore paper tape is commonly left on the vertical scar for several weeks to take the tension off the scar and this heals leaving a finer line.


16 weeks after bilateral mastopexy for grade II ptosis using a vertical mastopexy.


7 weeks after Hall-Findlay type mastopexy for grade IV pseudootosis with no implant.