Removal of a pleomorphic adenoma with superficial parotidectomy surgery


Charles Davis is very experienced at parotidectomy surgery. The parotid is a gland in the cheek that makes saliva. Removal of a part or all of the parotid gland is performed for tumours and cancers that involve or erode into the cheek.

The facial nerve, which moves the muscles of the face, passes through the middle of this gland. It is critical not to damage this nerve otherwise facial expression will be affected.

Superficial parotidectomy: done for tumours of the outer gland leaving the nerve intact.

Total parotidectomy: removes the gland and leaves the nerve.

Radical parotidectomy: Both the gland and the facial nerve are removed due to cancer infiltration. The functions of the nerve are reconstructed to protect the eye from exposure, prevent drooling from the mouth and give a more symmetrical smile.