Cleft lip and nose revised by Charles Davis

Cleft lip revision

Mr Davis is unable take on new cleft patients until later in 2021. He recommends using the “Find a Surgeon” function on the NZ Association of Plastic Surgeons website.

Charles Davis has a lot of experience in improving the appearance of cleft lips and noses in children and young adults.

Cleft lips are usually repaired in the first three months of life. With growth the lip may show sign of significant asymmetry or irregularity.

Improvements that are usually considered during cleft lip revision are:

  • Filling notches in the vermillion (whistle-notch deformity)
  • Lengthening a lip that is short on one side
  • Narrowing old scars
  • Creating smoother contours and more natural dimensions
  • Improving symmetry of the nostril entrance
  • Decreasing bulky and slumped nasal tips.