Repair of fractured eyesockets, cheekbones and upper and lower jaws using bone grafts and titanium plates

Facial fractures

Fractures of the face, eyesockets, jaws and cheek bones are usually repaired in the first few weeks after injury. Charles Davis has performed over 1000 operations for facial fractures.

Some facial fractures will require further treatment after the initial injury because of the severity of the injury or nearby soft tissue injuries. In many cases this treatment is covered by ACC.

Examples of typical later fracture treatment include:

  • Fractured nose. Further straightening of the nose or nasal septum
  • Enopthalmos. Sunken eye requiring adjustment of the eyesocket
  • Flat cheek. Further elevation or grafting of the cheek bone
  • Dented skull. Cranioplasty including with bone cement
  • Displaced or missing tissue. Fat grafts, scar revisions and face lifts.